CPI : 7.44 of 10

This page contains Courses I have done Projects I have done

Chemical Engineering Courses
  • CL 152 - Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • CL 203 - Transport Phenomena
  • CL 255/250 - Thermodynamics
  • CL 604 - Process Plant Simulation
  • CL 246 - Heat Transfer
  • CL 254 - Process Fluid Mechanics
Math and Computer Courses
  • CS 101 - Computer Programming and Utilization(C++)
  • Cl 249 - Computational Methods Lab(MATLAB)
  • MA 105 - Calculus
  • MA 106 - Linear Algebra
  • MA 108/207 - Differential Equations
  • CL 244 - Numerical Analysis
  • CL 202 - Data Analysis
Introductory courses
  • PH 107 - Quantum Mechanics
  • PH 108 - Electricity and Magnetism
  • BB 101 - Biology
  • CH 105/106/107 - Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  • ID 411 - Ergonomics
  • HS 301 - Philosophy
  • HS 101 - Economics
Miscellaneous courses
  • EE 625 - BioSensors and BioMEMS

Defining the design parameters for a perfect classroom
Guide: Prof. G G Ray, Prof. N Sadhu (IDC course project – Design)
[July ’15 - November ‘15]

  • Analyzed and Redesigned the classroom doors so that they are more comfortable to utilize and Evaluated features to be added such as Temperature Modulation, Sliding Doors, Biometric etc.
  • Proposed a near-perfect design of an ideal classroom that can accommodate all kinds of people especially considering the problems faced by people with disabilities
  • Prepared the set of design parameters and features to be included in the ideal classroom for visually-challenged students as a part of the overall project coordinating with a team of 5 members

    Nano-indented cosmetic-applied male/female Human hair
    Guide: Prof. Prita Pant (Metallurgy and Material Science)
    [May ’15 – June '15']

  • Performed Nano-indentation on Human hair considering Gender and Cosmetics applied
  • Nano-indentation is the process of indenting Nano-sized holes in a material to determine its material properties by measuring its hardness and the force applied on it
  • Handled and operated the Nano Indenter and learnt the basics of nano-indentation
  • Analyzed the hardness of the hair samples by keeping variables such as age almost constant

    Producing biodiesel from an autonomous biodiesel producing unit at institute level
    Guide: Prof. Sanjay Mahajani (Chemical Engineering)
    [May ’15 - June '15]

  • Studied about Bio-diesel and did literature reading on water-washing and glycerolysis
  • Experimented with a few changes in the procedure of water-washing and distillation
  • Made a presentation using of graphical analysis that stood out from the rest
  • Selected for the future Biosynth batch and coordinating with a team of 21 students

    Coded a Graphing Scientific Calculator using C++
    Guide: Prof. Deepak Phatak, Prof. Supratik C (Computer Science)
    [August ’15 – November ‘15]

  • Ideated and developed an algorithm for the graphing scientific calculator
  • Programmed the functions, coded the parsing in C++ in a 4 membered team
  • Created the user interface using graphics.h, SimpleCPP and GTK graphical packages for C++

    Attempted to provide a solution for the lack of farming land
    Guide: Dr. Mohana Radhika (Biology)
    [October '10]

  • Learnt about the village near our school and also about its farms and their cultivation methods
  • Studied hydroponics and suggested a method to implement it at a low cost in villages
  • Made a model of hydroponics in google earth and presented the same to a panel of judges