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Ph.D. Research Scholar
Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA)
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai India
Research Supervisor: Prof. Milind. A. Sohoni

About Me

I am a doctoral research scholar at CTARA, IIT Bombay. My research interests include sustainable development, social-ecological risk and resilience in agricultural systems and common pool resource management. I believe that bringing data and models to all stakeholders is crucial for developing improved systems understanding and promoting collective action, which hold the key to many of our development challenges. I have eight years of experience working on development and sustainability issues, including the past five years of my PhD work. Prior to this, I have also had eight years of international work experience in the area of supply-chain engineering and consulting.

Currently at CTARA, I am part of Prof. Milind Sohoni's group which works at the intersection of agriculture, water and knowledge for development. A core objective of our group is to improve the design and implementation of government programs through knowledge inputs in the form of improved models, tools and protocols. To this end, I am part of the IITB research team working as a knowledge partner on Government of Maharashtra's Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture.


Research interests Ph.D. work

In my Ph.D. work, I explore the problem of reconciling the need to increase farm productivity in India with the need to ensure equity in access to ecological resources and building resilient social-ecological systems, especially in face of increasing monsoon variability. Specifically, I focus on the ongoing agricultural intensification through shift in cropping pattern from traditional crops to high-value horticulture crops in the drought prone regions of the state of Maharashtra. My thesis directly contributes to Maharashtra government's Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture (or PoCRA) currently being implemented in 15 most vulnerable districts of the state.
See the abstract and a brief synopsis of my thesis. For more details, click here

Other research

A significant part of my prior research includes analysis of rural drinking water crisis in the state of Maharashtra through a critique of the state policy and development of village level case studies including failure analysis of piped-water schemes .


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Pooja Prasad
Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai - 400 076

Phone (CTARA office): +91 22 2576 7870 / 7871
Email: pooja.lodha[at]gmail[dot]com