I am a fifth year PhD student at CSE department, IIT Bombay and a Prime Minister's Research Fellow (2019) working under the guidance of Prof. Rohit Gurjar. I completed my B.Tech in CSE from IIT BHU in 2019.

I am currently working in the field of Theoretical Computer Science. My research interests lie in Graph Theory, Matroids and Algebraic Computational Complexity.

Curriculam Vitae

Email: 194054001[at]iitb[dot]ac[dot]in


  • Fractional Linear Matroid Matching is in quasi-NC
    with Rohit Gurjar and Taihei Oki
    Under Submission . [ arxiv ]
  • Border Complexity of Symbolic Determinant under Rank One Restriction
    with Abhranil Chatterjee, Sumanta Ghosh and Rohit Gurjar
    Computational Complexity Conference (CCC) 2023 . [ pdf ]
  • A Deterministic Parallel Reduction from Weighted Matroid Intersection Search to Decision
    with Sumanta Ghosh and Rohit Gurjar
    ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2022 . [ pdf ]

Professional Activities

  • Teaching Assistant at IIT Bombay for courses Algorithms and Complexity, Topics in Computational Complexity, Applied Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Extremal Combinatorics.
  • Teaching Assistant for NPTEL course Randomized Methods in Complexity.
  • Subreviewer for Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS), 2020.