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Urjit A. Yajnik

Moved to Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, July 2023 onwards
Currently Visiting Professor, Physics Department, and
Faculty-in-charge, Dean of Faculty Affairs, IIT Gandhinagar

formerly Professor, till June 2023,
Department Of Physics, IIT Bombay,
Convener, Centre for Advanced Study 2017-23

Institute Chair Professor 2014-17 and 2021-23

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Contact : (079) 2395 2708
Webpage at IIT Gandhinagar


Timeline : MSc IIT Bombay 1980,
PhD University of Texas at Austin 1986,
Research Associate Weinberg Theory Group 1986-87,
Visiting Fellow TIFR Mumbai 1987-89,
Faculty of IIT Bombay 1989-2023

Institute Chair Professor 2014 -17 ; 2021 - June 2023

Convener Centre for Advanced Study 2017 - 2023

Research interests : Elementary Particle Physics; Cosmology and unified theories.

Administration : Dean Student Affairs IIT Bombay 2011-15;
Founding Dean Student Affairs and Dean Academic Programmes, IIT Gandhinagar 2008-09.

Coordinator, LEAP - Leadership Program for Academicians 2019

Visits / sabbaticals / affiliations : ICTP Trieste, Université de Montréal, McGill University, Perimeter Institute,
Korea Institute for Advanced Study, U. C. Irvine, KITPC Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, MITP Mainz University.

Available Course Notes Quantum Theory, General Relativity, Cosmology etc.

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