Electrical energy system/electricity grid over the past several decades has been undergoing multidimensional and fast transformation, with rapid growth in renewable energy (RE) integration, and decarbonisation of the transportation sector through electric mobility. The increasing level of variable RE generation, and increased controllable load/generation due to electric mobility in a deregulated market has pushed the transmission and distribution system to operate close to their security and stability limits. In this backdrop, my research focus is on RE integration, electric vehicle integration, and the challenges posed by such variable and uncertain sources of generation and electric mobility to electric grid operation, with the main goal of achieving a reliable, secure and stable electricity system. Besides my experience in India, for past several years, I have worked in similar areas, both in Industry and in Academia, mainly in Europe with a short stint in US. .

Research Interests:

  • Grid integration of Renewables (Wind and Solar PV plants).
  • System integration of Renewables.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and EV grid integration.
  • Power system dynamics, operation and control.
  • Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS), Wide Area Monitoring Control and Protection (WAMPAC).
  • Power system flexibiliy.
  • Smart Grid and microgrid, and Demand Side Response/Management.

Open positions and News

  • Open positions, for more detailsClick HERE

  • Muhammad Kabsha has successfully defended his PhD thesis, Congratulations to Dr. Kabsha

  • Swapnil Ghandi successfully defended his masters thesis on Electric vehicle integration, Congratulations to Swapnil

  • Vaibhav Gurav successfully defended his Masters thesis on frequency and voltage support from hybrid wind-solar Pv system, Congratulations to Vaibhav

  • Chitaranjan Sharma has been offered PostDoc position at UCD Dublin, Ireland, Congratulations to Chitaranjan

  • A paper from our lab "A Multi-Objective Planning Framework for Coordinated Generation from Offshore Wind Farm and Battery Energy Storage System" is featured as a popular paper in IEEE Trans. on Sust. Energy in December 2020

  • Hazem was awarded with BEST PhD THESIS award in the recently concluded convocation at IIT Bombay, congratulations to Hazem for the award

  • Mihir Dave defended his master's thesis on 'Inertia estimation in renewable energy integrated power system'

  • Rahul Kumar defended his master's thesis on 'LVRT testing of wind turbine generator'

  • Hazem Karbouj has been awarded with POSOCO thesis award for his PhD thesis

  • Santanu Paul successfully defended his PhD thesis, congratulations to Dr. Santanu

  • Rakesh Reddy was awarded with POSOCO thesis award for his M.Tech. thesis

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