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"People who wish to analyze nature without mathematics must settle for reduced understanding”

I'm a research scholar (Prime Minister Research Fellow) at IEOR, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

I'm working under supervision of Prof. KS Mallikarjuna Rao

Before coming to IITB, I was briefly at Quantiphi as Machine Learning engineer (May, '18 till Jan '19). I graduated in May, 2018 with Masters in Structural Engineering and Bachelors in Civil Engineering (Dual Degree Program) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Research Interests

Inverse Problems, Bayesian Inverse, Optimal Control

Projects & Seminars
  • Approximate solution to large underdetermined linear systems

    underdetermined linear system have infinte solutions. Not all solutions are useful. Underdetermined systems are frequently observed as we collect lot more higher dimensional data. Often, practitioners look for sparse solution to the linear system. We look into classical iterative scheme as kaczmarz algorithm, which solves any linear system iteratively and try to come up with better schemes to converge at sparse solution.

  • Coursework

    System Dynamics (IE604), Linear Systems (IE614), Optimization Theory (IE601), Decision Analysis and Game Theory (IE616), Probabilistic Models (IE502), Stochastic Processes (IE611), Advanced Probability and Random Processes for Engineers(EE), Partial Differential Equations (MA516) IEOR Lab (IE784)