Courses taught by me at CTARA

  • TD 613: Ecology and Environment
  • TD 608: Project and Programmes: Management & Analysis
  • TD 616: Environmental Systems (Assessments & Monitoring)
  • TD 654: Environmental Services: Design and Planning
  • TD 612: Technologies in Practice
  • TD 609: Field work - Directed Research
  • TD 691: Development Protocol
  • TD 604: Social Science Research Methods and System Dynamics
  • TD 390, TD 490, TD 491 - TDSL Courses
  • TD 625: Development Monitoring and Evaluation
  • TD 627: Field Research Mathods
  • TD 632: SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) & CSR(Corporate social responsibility)
  • TD 625: Environmental Governanace & Development

Details of the Courses

Since joining CTARA, I have handled/ taught four core and 7 elective courses:

  • Project Management and Analysis (TD 608) a core course of CTARA was redesigned and is being taught for eight consecutive years since 2011.
  •  TD 609 Field Work Co-ordinator for Summer 2014 & Summer 2015. Redesigned the course and sent 11 groups to various field destinations.
  • Environmental System: Assessments and Monitoring (TD 616)  was introduced in the Spring Semester of 2010 as a PG Level Institute Elective Course.  The course has been successfully taught for 5 years (Spring 2010 to Spring 2013 & Spring 2018). Under the course a laboratory was developed to analyze samples of different environmental systems including water, soil, wastewater, microbiological drugs and food samples.
  • Rural Environmental Services: Planning and  Design (TD 654) was introduced in the Spring Semester of 2014 as a PG Level Institute Elective Course and is taught for past 5 years.  The course was taught through lectures, project/case studies, and a planning \& design assignment by student groups on water supply, sanitation and solid waste system for a specific village (Bhilawadi Village).
  • Ecology and Environment (TD 613) was taught twice during the spring and autumn semester of 2010 with Prof. Anand Rao and Prof. Prasad Modak.  Subsequently, in 2017, I taught the course single handedly. In autumn of 2018, the course is being taught along with Prof Anand Rao
  • A protocol for Municipal Solid Waste Management was developed and offered in the Development Protocol (TD 691) elective during the Spring 2013 to 2017 semesters. 
  • Guided five batches for the Directed Research component of the TD 609 Field work course.
  • Co-ordinated TD 612 Technologies in Practice course in Autumn 2012 with guest faculty, Mrs Svati Bhogle, TIDE.
  •  TD 390, 490 & 491 TDSL: Guided B.Tech students for Technology and Development Supervised Learnings

Other Academic Activities / Responsiblities

  • Member of ‘Research Progress Committee (RPC)’ of the following Ph.D. students: Mrs. Anitha Thampi, Mr. Bharat Damani, Mr. Sivamuthu Prakash Murugan, Ms.Asha Panwar, Ms. Neelam Rana, Mr. Vipin Singh and Ms. Punam Singh, Mr. Manu, Mr. Rahul, Ms Laxmi, Ms. Shruti Sharma
  • Reviewer for the Journals / Conferences / Agencies
  1. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 
  2. European Journal of Integrative Medicine
  3. Department of Science and Technology, GOI
  4. INDICON-2013
  5. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - AQUA,
  6. Ecological Modelling,
  7. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development
  8. Journal of Cleaner Production
  9. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  10. Reviewed the book  "Environmental Studies" for Under-Graduate Engineering students, Authors: Prof. Shyam Asolekar and Prof. Soli Arceivala; Publishers McGraw-Hill (India) Ltd
  11. Post Graduate Programme Committee (PGPC) 2019-2022
  12. Committee for Institute Support for Participation in International Conference 2019-2022
  13. BIRAC - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
  14. CTARA - DPGC Member & DPC Member

  • External Ph.D/ M.Tech Thesis Examiner for CEPT University, Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Member of the Green Campus Initiative
  • CTARA's Budget Committee, Space Committee Member
  • Conducted a Short-course on Preparation of Project Design Document (PDD) under the Framework of
    Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) during February-March, 2010 at CESE, IIT Bombay.
  • Taught at the School of Habitat Studies, TISS during July-Sept, 2010, lectures on `Ecology and Envi-
    ronment' in the course on Basic Technical Capabilities for Habitat Professionals