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"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education" ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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About Us
IIT K.G. School

The children in our school are exposed to an elaborate activity based informal learning programme which helps each child to grow emotionally, socially and intellectually.

The programme is reviewed and planned before the beginning of each academic year. Our focus has always been in making efforts toward laying a strong basic foundation which will help our children throughout their future formal schooling years.

The children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities throughout the academic year. These activities are planned meticulously by the school.

The programme includes fun filled daily classroom activities. In addition every child is also encouraged to participate in group annual events like sports, fancy dress and annual day which gives them exposure to face an audience without any inhibitions.

During such events each child is motivated to participate and enjoy the thrilling experiences of working as a team. Such programmes and activities allow the child to develop their mental, physical and social growth and instill self confidence in their tender minds which helps them a long way throughout their life.

The school follows a holistic approach where the teacher's role is that of a friendly facilitator who leads and guides each child to learn and grow by providing suitable learning environment that caters to every child's needs. The child is guided toward all round development, mental, physical and social.


  • To provide a safe, child- friendly environment, where each child feels welcome and comfortable to learn and grow mentally, physically and socially.

  • To provide a quality based effective child- centred learning programme which focuses on every child in the classroom.

  • To help our children make a smooth transition from home to school.

  • To promote qualities like compassion,sharing, kindness and tolerance.

  • To provide a safe and rich activity oriented learning environment where children explore and learn without fear of failure.

  • To provide an inclusive learning environment with equal opportunities for all irrespective of race, culture or religion, special or additional needs.

  • To achieve higher standards in providing quality education to our early learners.