Backward Lightcone

Right after my schooling in Madras (Chennai), I moved around in India. After Ph.D. at IUCAA, I moved around different European cities. Here is what my backward light cone looks like:

2009-2017 Faculty at IISER-TVM

                   2007-2009 Marie Curie Fellow at Insitute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG), Portsmouth, UK 

                                     2006-2007 Max Planck fellow at Quantum gravity group, Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam, Germany

                                                       2003-2006  Post-doctorate fellow at HEP group, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

                                                                           2002-2003  Research fellow at DCTD, University of Azores, Portugal

                                                                                               1997-2002  Ph. D with Prof. T. Padmanabhan at IUCAA, Pune.