India's Disasters
over the Decades

The aim of this website is to highlight the loss of lives of Indians. We focus on public reporting of accidents that tell us the hidden loss of lives. In India, people die due to multiple reasons ranging from the dramatic to the seemingly inconsequential. Indians lose their lives to train accidents, chemical fires, gas leaks as well as other high profile accidents. While these accidents have been well documented and received public recognition, there are a number of accidents that do not make a dent in the public conscience. People in India also die because of falling into open manholes, caving in of house roofs during rains, electrocution due to naked electric lines in slums, gas cylinders bursting in populated areas.

As a nation of 130 crore people, the life of every Indian is important. The website tries to sensitize Indians towards the need for reducing accidents and enhancing safety in the public sphere.

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