Niranjan Balachandran
Research Interests:  Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics.

Teaching       Papers

Lecture Notes: 1. The Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics
                          2. Real Mathematical Analysis
                          3. What is the Polynomial Method?
                          4. Some Select Topics in Extremal Graph Theory
These are based on lectures I gave for different courses and had the students act as scribes (except for the third). They all still need polishing.

Some interesting websites:
The Papers of Paul Erdős
Douglas West' Open Problem Page.
How to give a talk: Gian-Carlo Rota's advice that anyone would do well to heed!
Electronic Journal Of Combinatorics

Other (Non-mathematical) Interests:
: I have now moved samples of my work here
My Blog: I wrote more regularly at one point of time. Some of them were just random rants/musings. But some of them were written purely for form and structure rather than content.