Niranjan Balachandran
Research Interests:  Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics.

Teaching       Papers

Lecture Notes: 1. The Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics
                          2. Real Mathematical Analysis
                          3. What is the Polynomial Method?
                          4. Some Select Topics in Extremal Graph Theory
                          5. A Geometric Ramsey theorem of Suk
                          6. Select Topics in Graph theory - II
These are based on lectures I gave for different courses and had the students act as scribes (except for the third). They all still need polishing. The last of these are in the extraordinary times
of COVID-19, so they are not based on lectures given, but rather on lectures I had planned to give.

Some interesting websites:
The Papers of Paul Erdős
Douglas West' Open Problem Page.
How to give a talk: Gian-Carlo Rota's advice that anyone would do well to heed!
Electronic Journal Of Combinatorics

Other (Non-mathematical) Interests:
: I have now moved samples of my work here
My Blog: I wrote more regularly at one point of time. Some of them were just random rants/musings. But some of them were written purely for form and structure rather than content.